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Exciting Adventures at the Parent and Child Expo!

Our recent excursion to the Parent and Child Expo in Ottawa marked our third consecutive year attending, and it was an absolute delight! This year's event surpassed all expectations, filled with fun activities and memorable encounters for everyone involved.

One of the highlights was the appearance of the beloved Paw Patrol characters, Chase and Sky, who brought smiles to both young and old with their friendly presence. My Friend Toothy was particularly thrilled to meet them and even managed to snap a photo with the Paw Patrol crew!

In addition to these special visits, our very own author, Stacey Laviolette, captivated audiences with a live book reading session. It was heartwarming to witness so many new faces joining our Toothy community as Stacey shared the magic of My Friend Toothy through her storytelling.

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But the excitement didn't stop there! We were also honored to welcome the Tooth Fairy herself, Shannon Maitland, RDH, from Complete Oral Wellness. Shannon graced our booth with her presence, spreading smiles and sharing valuable insights about mobile Dental Cleanings. Be sure to visit her website for more information:

As we look back on this fantastic experience, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success. Your support and enthusiasm fuel our passion, and we're incredibly grateful to be part of such a vibrant community.

Thank you for being part of our journey!

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