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Schedule your author visit for your school with Stacey Laviolette, author of My Friend Toothy

My Friend Toothy Author Visit

This school assembly is tailored for Kindergarten through Grade 6 and takes place right in your gymnasium. It's an opportunity for your students to explore:

1. Proper dental hygiene
2. Overcoming fears
3. The power of persistence
4. How practice makes progress

Don't miss this chance to inspire your students with a magical author visit that blends storytelling, education, and fun.

Schedule your in-person visit with Stacey Laviolette today and watch your students light up with enthusiasm for reading and healthy habits!

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at:

Exciting and Education Author Visit!

Join us for an exciting and educational journey as Stacey Laviolette, the author of My Friend Toothy, visits a school assembly to inspire kids on the importance of dental hygiene. This interactive event will leave kids smiling and informed. Don't miss it! Watch the replay and see the life-size Toothy mascot come to life at the end.

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