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Making Dental Visits FUN for Children!

Dr. Michael Rizk + Associés

My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassadors Program

Hello Toothy VIPs, welcome to our My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassadors page! We're excited to introduce you to dental offices and hygienists who use the My Friend Toothy Experience to make dental visits enjoyable and stress-free for children.

Benefits of Visiting a Toothy Dental Ambassador Clinic

My Friend Toothy Dentist

Reduced Anxiety

Your child will feel more comfortable and less anxious during dental visits.

My Friend Toothy - Coloring Book for all ages photo

Fun and Educational

Engaging materials teach kids about dental hygiene in a fun way.

My Friend Toothy RDH

Trusted Care

Our Ambassadors are dedicated to providing top-notch care for young patients.

Find a Toothy Dental Ambassador Near You

We are proud to share which clinics around the world are using the My Friend Toothy Experience to help their patients feel at ease. By choosing a Toothy Dental Ambassador, you can be confident that your child will receive gentle, compassionate care in a child-friendly environment.

Explore our list of My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassadors to find a clinic near you.


We look forward to helping your child have a positive and enjoyable dental experience!

My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassadors

Dr. Michael Rizk + Associés
2661 Laurier St, Rockland, ON K4K 1K4
(613) 446-5148

My Friend Toothy Banner 2

Charlemagne Dental Centre

Dr. Miranada Bassali

385 Tompkins Ave., Orléans, ON K1E 3H2

(613) 837-7500

Charlemagne Dental Centre.jpg

Complete Oral Wellness
Mobile Dental Hygiene Van (travels all over Ottawa)
(613) 794-2913

Complete Oral Wellness

Crossfield Dental Hygiene
1106 Railway Street, Crossfield, Alberta T0M 0S0, Canada
(403) 941-8668

Crossfield Dental Hygiene

Become a My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassador TODAY!

Are you ready to join us in transforming children's dental experiences from fearful to fun? Sign up below to become a part of our network of caring dental professionals.

Once we verify your clinic, we'll send you a promo code to purchase your box set and Welcome Kit. Let's work together to make dental visits a delightful adventure for kids!

SIGN UP TODAY to become part of the My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassadors Program!

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Why Choose a My Friend Toothy Dental Ambassador?

Dental offices that participate in the My Friend Toothy Ambassadors Program are committed to providing exceptional care for children.

These clinics go beyond the traditional dental experience by incorporating engaging activities into their waiting rooms. From activity sheets featuring My Friend Toothy to interactive games and coloring sheets, these clinics strive to make wait times more enjoyable and less anxious for young patients.

Additionally, they provide special materials like the "My Friend Toothy" book, a cuddly Toothy plush toy, and interactive mirror clings, all designed to engage and comfort children during their visit.

What is the My Friend Toothy Experience?

The My Friend Toothy Experience is designed to help young patients feel confident and brave during their dental visits. With the help of our friendly dental helper, Toothy, dental professionals create a fun and educational environment that reduces anxiety and promotes good dental hygiene.

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