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Turning One is So Much Fun! Let's Get Ready for Our First Dental Visit!

Did you know that turning one is such an amazing milestone? Not only is it a time for celebrating your little one’s first year, but it’s also the perfect moment to schedule their very first dental visit!
Meet Toothy, Your Child's New Best Friend!
Introducing Toothy, the friendly and fun-loving tooth fairy helper! Toothy is here to make sure that your child’s first dental visit is filled with joy and excitement, easing any fears and anxieties they might have. With Toothy by their side, visiting the dentist becomes a magical adventure rather than a daunting task.

A Special Surprise from the Tooth Fairy
And here’s a delightful twist – did you know that the tooth fairy doesn’t only visit when teeth fall out? That’s right! The tooth fairy can visit your little one much sooner to reward them for being brave at the dentist. Imagine the joy on your child’s face when they find a special sticker tucked inside Toothy’s pocket, hidden within its wings! It’s a wonderful way to encourage bravery and create positive associations with dental visits.
Making Dental Visits a Magical Visit
Toothy and the tooth fairy work together to transform dental visits into a fun and positive experience. The anticipation of finding a surprise sticker adds an element of excitement, making the visit something to look forward to rather than fear.
The Importance of Early Dental Decay
Scheduling that first dental visit at age one is crucial for setting the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Your dentist will check your child’s teeth and gums, offer tips on brushing and flossing, and help you understand the best ways to care for those precious little teeth.

Tips for a Happy First Dental Visit
  • Bring Toothy Along: Having Toothy at the appointment provides comfort and familiarity.

  • Talk About the Visit: Explain what will happen in simple, positive terms.

  • Celebrate Bravery: After the visit, celebrate with a fun activity or a special treat (like a new book or an extra playtime).

The Ultimate First Birthday Gift 🎁 My Friend Toothy Box Set - A Minimalist's Delight
Looking for the perfect gift? Turning one is a big deal! By age one, kids often have plenty of toys from grandparents and friends. As parents embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, the My Friend Toothy Box Set stands out as the ideal gift. This lasting treasure can be used for years, offering much more than just a toy.

Inside the box set, you'll find:
  • A Keepsake Book: Document when teeth come in and fall out while preparing for pleasant dental visits.

  • A Mirror Cling: A fun reminder to brush, floss, and follow Toothy's advice.

  • A Plush Toothy: Provides comfort at the dentist and has a pocket for tooth fairy surprises.

Give the gift of lasting memories and dental fun with My Friend Toothy Box Set!
Creating Lasting Positive Memories
Turning one and having your first dental visit is a moment to remember. With Toothy and the tooth fairy by your side, it’s an adventure filled with fun, encouragement, and magical surprises. Here’s to happy smiles and positive dental experiences for your little one!

So, let's celebrate turning one with a bright smile and a joyful heart. Book that first dental visit today and let Toothy and the tooth fairy help make it an unforgettable and happy occasion!

Spread the Word

Help us spread the word about the My Friend Toothy! Share Toothy with your colleagues, friends, and anyone else who shares our passion for making dental visits a breeze and making brushing and flossing fun!

Stacey Laviolette

Founder, My Friend Toothy

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