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Dragons' Den Virtual Audition - A Thrilling Journey with "My Friend Toothy"

Hello Toothy Friends,

I recently had the most exhilarating experience – my virtual audition with one of the Producers of Dragons' Den, for My Friend Toothy. Here's a little recap of how it all went down!

Unexpected Beginnings
Just 15 minutes before the call, my Wi-Fi decided to take a nap! I had to quickly switch to my phone. Talk about an ice breaker! This hiccup actually turned into a great way to start the conversation, showcasing my ability to handle unexpected challenges with grace.

The Introduction The producer was incredibly sweet and kind, and she asked me to speak to her as if I were addressing the Dragons themselves. So, I launched into my pitch, introducing myself and My Friend Toothy" seeking $30,000 for 15% of my business.

The Heart of My Friend Toothy
I then delved into the story behind My Friend Toothy – my daughter Piper's early dental challenges and the broader issue of dental anxiety among children and adults in Canada and the US. This personal connection to the problem we're solving resonated with the producer, especially since she shared her own experiences with dental anxiety.

Showcasing Growth and Reach
We discussed the impressive growth and reach of My Friend Toothy – $81,000 in sales since April 2022 and a 20% growth already this year. I talked about how My Friend Toothy has become a global phenomenon, reaching audiences from Australia to Ukraine, UK, Singapore, the USA, and Canada.

The Product Line and Community Engagement
I was excited to share the expansion of the My Friend Toothy brand, which now includes two box sets, activity and early learning books, and the upcoming tooth brushing and flossing motivational chart. Our author visits and viral TikTok presence are just some of the ways we're connecting with communities.

Plans for the Investment
With the $30,000 investment, our plans are to expand marketing, explore new product development and merchandise, and scale production. I emphasized that I’m looking for more than just an investment – I'm seeking a partner who believes in making a positive impact in children's lives.

Additional Shares and Looking Ahead
Before wrapping up, I shared our progress on the Canadian Trademark application, our aspirations for a TV series, and board games in development. The producer was very impressed with our full-circle progress and implementation of feedback from my previous application two years prior.

What's Next?
While we wait for the decision in April, it's back to doing what I love – creating and connecting. With an author visit, the Faces Magazine Gala, and the Parent and Child expo on the horizon, there’s plenty to keep me busy!

Stay tuned, as this journey with My Friend Toothy is just getting more and more exciting. Thank you all for your incredible support! Keep on smiling, Stacey Laviolette

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