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Dragons' Den Virtual Audition - A Thrilling Journey with "My Friend Toothy"

Hello Toothy Friends,

I recently had the most exhilarating experience – my virtual audition with one of the Producers of Dragons' Den, for My Friend Toothy. Here's a little recap of how it all went down!

Unexpected Beginnings
Just 15 minutes before the call, my Wi-Fi decided to take a nap! I had to quickly switch to my phone. Talk about an ice breaker! This hiccup actually turned into a great way to start the conversation, showcasing my ability to handle unexpected challenges with grace.

The Introduction The producer was incredibly sweet and kind, and she asked me to speak to her as if I were addressing the Dragons themselves. So, I launched into my pitch, introducing myself and My Friend Toothy" seeking $30,000 for 15% of my business.

The Heart of My Friend Toothy
I then delved into the story behind My Friend Toothy – my daughter Piper's early dental challenges and the broader issue of dental anxiety among children and adults in Canada and the US. This personal connection to the problem we're solving resonated with the producer, especially since she shared her own experiences with dental anxiety.